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The Hilarious & The Serious


Menno Baars is a physician of the playful and the festive, awakening us to the unexplored fun and delights of our lives. He plays with paint though he paints with a spontaneous yet highly accomplished technique. But the world of play is inseparable from the world of affairs, and the Baars's world of play erases the border between the hilarious and the serious. That's why the medical physician became a painter. But what motivates a man, who describes himself as the least likeliest person to have become a painter, to get excited about starting a new canvas because of the myriad of possible color combinations and textures? The answer is simple: one cannot exist without the other. Nobody understands better than Baars the mystery of the wheel and the axle.




'I grow up in a world that hangs in cultural mixing and lonely people. But I've never been interested in art becoming symbols of ideologies'



Menno Baars